artist statement

I explore the body as a depository of knowledge, emotions, memory by investigating its relationship to the gender based narratives that dominate it. Through physical durantional performances, I
aim to generate speculative visceral experiences that transform the perception of the body and identity.
I explore the body within the realm of subjectivity and objectivity, by reflecting its existence as medium of communication and interaction, as gender, as construction and sex, as coalescence of mind, consciousness and subconsciousness, as memory, trauma, and experience until the body transforms into a most intimate public artefact that reflects fictions of normativty.

Inspiration comes from speculative philosophy, architecture, gender theory, C.G.Jung’s technologies of the subconscious, mythologies, new materialism, counterculture.
other things I have not encountered yet.

reframe intimate cultural and gender based- fictions into an interrogation between body, space and time through des-identification strategies that modify and question the existence of body and spatial performance.
Thinking is spatial. Space is thought. Performance is an act of daydreaming. Daydreaming is a performative act.


this statement is a fluid, amorphous and ephemeral proclamation of wavering and unruly thought processes in constant movement announced in an already passed past.