Danja Sophia Burchard

An Oath is an Oath, durational Performance, Konvent.0, 2019. Photo by Jordi Plana @jordiplana
Shall I project a world?

– Thomas Pynchon

Artist Statement

I explores the body as a depository of knowledge, emotions, memory, investigating its relationship to the gender based narratives that dominate it. Through physical durantional ritualistic performances, I aim to generate speculative visceral experiences that transform the perception of the body and identity.

Inspired by C.G.Jung’s technologies of the subconscious, speculative philosophy, mythologies, initiation rituals, I aim to reframe intimate gender based- and cultural fictions into an interrogation between body, time and space. 

Through my work I explore the body within the realm of subjectivity and objectivity, by reflecting its existence as medium of communication and interaction, as gender, as construction and sex, as coalescence of mind, consciousness and subconsciousness, as memory, trauma, and experience until the body transforms into a most intimate public artefact of created normativety within the past, present and future.