Danja Burchard (them/they)
Cultural Worker and Creative Producer for interdisciplinary cultural and artistic projects.
Currently based in Bergen.

Danja Burchard is a performing artist, researcher and creative producer who has worked for interdisciplinary cultural and artistic projects in Berlin, Barcelona and Bergen. They hold a BA in Music, Arts, Contemporary Media – Organization and Distribution from the Philipps University Marburg and the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and an MA in Language, Communication and European Cultures. They studied experimental theater and performing arts at the Teatro Laboratorio in Barcelona under Jessica Walker and Systemic Consultation at the Systemic Center, Hamburg..

As creative producer Burchard has worked with numerous interdisciplinary artists including: Sarah Vanhee (Bodies of knowledge, Bergen), Yohei Hamada, Jingyi Wang (JUDGE ME), Daniel Mariblanca & the 71 Bodies Company (In First Person), Frans Jakobi & Gitte Saetre (Are You Ready?), Kate Joiner (Blood Tales) and Lena Chen (Heal Her Project).  They were a personal assistant to Tomás Saraceno and the Aerocene project, studio manager to artist/curator Nahum and the KOSMICA Institute, and architect / researcher Josep Mias. They curated the exhibition Going Viral by photographer Philipp Spiegel and co-curated the COSMIC CULTURE SESSIONS, a talk series based on the intersection of science, art and speculative philosophy at ART25 together with Anna Rosa Thomae. 

Since 2018 Burchard has developed their own artistic practice at the intersection of performance, research, and social and discursive practices. They were part of the artistic research collective Pornotopía (Barcelona) and curated NOTATIONS 43.8 in collaboration with Elfie Carlie. Recently they run NOGOODS, a moving project space dedicated to architecture, art and performance in collaboration with Maike Statz, where they develop Collapse, a performative research project about discursive formats of collective and collaborative knowledge practices anchored in acts of figuring-it-out in collaboration with Francesca Scapinello. In collaboration with Exutoire (Oslo) and hosted by ROM for kunst og arkitektur they currently co-curate the research and creation project “Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies”. They are the co-founder of i.c.a.p.

Their work has been granted with the project development fund of the Norwegian Arts Council, the Establishment Grant for cultural workers by Bergen Kommune, The Criticism / Theory Development Grant by Bergen Kommune and the Creative Business Development Grant from Vestland Fylkeskommune.

CV: download
Interview with La Expansiva: Video

2011 – 2013 – BA of Arts in Music, Art and Media, Philips-Universität Marburg (DE)
2013-2015 Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (ES)
2016 – 2018 MA of Arts in Languages, Communication and European Cultures, Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder (DE) –
2018 – 2019 Experimental Theater & Performing Arts, Laboratorio Escuela, Barcelona (ES)
2021 – 2022 Systemic Counceling, Center for Systemic Studies, Hamburg (DE)

2022 – NOGOODS (Bergen) moving project space for slippery ideas & practices of figuring-it-out.
2021 – i.c.a.p. – international collaborative arts productions – w. Lisa Reynolds.
2021 – BiAS – Bodies in Architecture Structures – Discursive Magazine in collaboration with Maike Statz, Vera Gomez
2021/22 – COLLAPSE – performative/discursive research platform with Francesca Scapinello.
2021 – Politics Of Somatic Architecture – Performative spatial investigation w. Maike Statz
2021 – COLLAPSE – discursive curatorial project at NOGOODS, supported by BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen,NO
2020 – A Non-Linear Fable of Micro-Nows – Text / Performance
2020 – Notations 43.8 – w. Elfie Carle, online, Stuttgart, DE & Bergen, NO
2018 – 20 Pornotopía – Performance / Research Collective, Barcelona, ES
2014 -16 Inuit – Cultural Collective, Barcelona, ES

2022 – 23 – Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies – with Exutoire (Oslo) hosted by ROM for kunst of arkitektur in Oslo.
2021 – Queering the Museum – Preuss Museum
2020 – Notations 43.8 – online – Bergen, NO
2014 – Paulo Goeva, Patrón de sofisticación – Iroom Espai, Barcelona, ES
2014 – Curatorial Intervention – Futurs Abandonats, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, ES
2012 – Living Room Concerts – Langgasse 9, Marburg, DE

2022 – Bodies of Knowledge by Sarah Vanhee, produced by BIT Teatergarasjen -Artistic Production.
2022 – Push & Pull Matters, Performance by Yohei Hamada – Creative Production Consultancy.
2021 – Meteor Festival 2021 – International Guest Hosting – with i.c.a.p.
2021 – JUDGE ME, Jingyi Wang – Creative Production, Dramaturgy.
2021 – Are You Ready? Gitte Saetre, Frans Jakobi – Communication, Creative Production.
2020 – FUTUREBODIES, Oktoberdanse, BIT Teatergarasjen – Dramaturgy of Discursive Program.
2020 – 71 Bodies Company, Daniel Mariblanca – Dramaturgy, Production.
2019 – MIAS Architects (Barcelona) – Communication, Studio Manager.
2019 – Laura Martinova, Video Production for Pedrina – Assistant Director.
2017/18 – Nahum, KOSMICA Institute (Berlin) – Studio Manager, Creative Production.
2017 – ART Communication & Brand Consultancy (Berlin) – Communication Assistant
2016/17 – ALAMAK! Design Exhibition (Berlin) – Gallery Assistant.
2016 – LOOP Video Art Festival (Barcelona) – Internship, Professional Meetings.
2015/16 – Studio Tomás Saraceno (Berlin) – Artist & Studio Assistant.

2022 – “Queer Spcaes?” – Penal discussion hosted by Plattform at Bergen Kunsthall with Karmaklubb* Oslo.
2022 – Dissident Publics: week long workshop and public seminar with Saul Gracia Lopez (La Pocha Nostra), Eliot Moleba, Teo Ala-Ruona, Maria Mazzanti, Jean Makhlouta, Alexander Auris at ROM for kunst of arkitektur
2022 – “How do we explore antidisciplinary knowledge? First, Resist mastery.”, workshop lecture at Pirat Academy – “The Unfinished” with Brandon LaBelle
2021 – STRUCTURE, ACCESS, TRANSLATION, workgroup with i.c.a.p. at Meteor Festival, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, NO
2021 – The LINE, performative lecture at Thought & Pleasure – Karmaklubb* & Open Out Festival, Tromsø, NO
2021 – Perfection & Speculation, penal discussion at Vigeland Museum Oslo with PRAKSIS Residency & Karmaklubb*, Oslo, NO
2021 – An ALMOST – ADD+ARTConference, Art and Territory, Barcelona, ES
2020 – Time, Transhumanism, Dramaturgy – moderation of discursive program at Oktoberdans, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, ES
2020 – Pornotopic Body, workshop at USF Verftet, Bergen, NO
2018 – Feminism / Space, lecture for the KOSMICA Institute, Berlin

2022 – Non-Binary – Fem Tusend og Fem, publication by Nayara Leite, Bergen, NO
2021 – Dyptichon – IGWTLI publishing, Bergen Book Fair, Bergen, NO
2021 – Table, Birch, Ply – w. Maike Statz, IGTWLI publishing, Bergen Book Fair, Bergen, NO
2021 – SBTL – The Space Between – The Lines WEAK Magazine
2020 – The Art of (G)hosting – Bregenz Performing Arts Festival; Bregenz, Aus
2020 – The ALMOST – BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, NO2020 The ALMOST Speaker Speaker: Failure, Bergen, NO

2021 – A Non-Linear Fable of Micro Nows – SubScena, Zagreb, Croatia
2021 – The LINE – Open Out Festival, Tromsø, NO
2021 The LINE – PRAKSIS Residency & Karmaklubb*, Oslo, NO
2021 – A World of One’s Own – Karmaklubb, PRAKSIS Residency ‘18, online.
2020 – ALMOST – Speaker Speaker Launch, Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO
2020 – The Art of (G)hosting – Bregenz Performance Biennial, AUS
2020 – Pornotopía – USF, Bergen, NO
2020 – Virtual Abyss – Proverømmet, Bergen, NO
2019 – Ovulation – Expansiva, Barcelona, ES
2019 – Untouchable – Rosekill Art Farm, NY, USA
2019 – An Oath is an Oath – Konvent.0 Cal Rosal, ES
2018 – Lapse – Laboratorio del Bosque, Olot, ES
2018 – Creating Human Value – No Shit, Berlin

2019 – La Vaca – El Pumarejo, Barcelona, ES
2019 – Slou – with AnemDeNit, Intervention at MACBA, Barcelona, ES
2019 – The Autobiographical – curated by Eugenia Chellet Art Life Institute, Kingston, NY, USA
2019 – Art i Dona – Centre Civic de Barceloneta, Barcelona, ES

2021 Subscena, Zagreb
2020 USF, Bergen, Norway
2019 Rosekill, Kingston, New York
2018 Konvent.0 in Berga, Spain