NOGOODS – Project Space

NOGOODS is a moving project space for slippery ideas, repeating failures, collapsing structures, liquid narratives, and cross-disciplinary moods. 
It is a space for performative discursive practice, artistic production, non-linear research, and collaboration.  Our focus lies on the impact of architecture and performativity on social patterns within a queer theoretical framework. We are interested in practices that question power dynamics through architectural interventions, assemblage, conversation, or social practices. 

Through the upcoming months, we will propose a discursive program experimenting with and reflecting on space and performativity.

NOGOODS is founded and run by Danja Burchard, Maike Statz and Francesca Scapinello.

NOGOODS is located King Oscars Gate 45, 5017 Bergen.
Graphic Design: by Vera Gomes.


is a moving project space for slippery ideas, repeating failures, collapsing structures, fluid narratives, and cross-disciplinary moods. 
stands for collective thinking changing perspectives and the practice of figuring-it-out 
plays with shifting shapes, rereadings of space, performative architecture, and the social design of performance. 
is interested in investigating the multilayeredness of architecture as performative practice. 
is interested in the architectural practice of designing the performativity of social patterns 
wants to rethink
stands for no goods – for the non-tangible – for the non-graspable and for the no good. 
stands for assemblage of image, text, letter and thought
is conversations – again and again, and again –
repetition creates normality 
repetition makes things disappear 
we will repeat
and re-arrange
and eventually, disappear
is the question of what stands behind, beyond, next to the material. In form of action. In form of heritage. In form of narrative
wants to investigate the composition of the imaginary leaving aside its materialization. Immaterial work – is work / Thought experience – is memory / Memory – speculates with the future. NOGOODS  is a space
NOGOODS  is a void
NOGOODS  is collective 
NOGOODS passing.