COLLAPSE is a performative and discursive platform for collaborative research through the artistic practice of figuring-it-out

By experimenting with learning and unlearning, Collapse aims to function as a continuous performative laboratory investigating narratives, research, contemporary discourse, politics and performativity of our contemporary lives. Through workshops, conversations and screenings, lectures and other forms of exchange discursive events, Collapse aims to play within the gap between theory and action.  Deriving from interdisciplinary points of view, Collapse aims to act as a platform for performative research and applied “nonsense” in order to advocate agency, embrace clashes in thinking and experiment with social conduct from a performative perspective. 

How can one, by taking a radically inverted perspective, establish new structures for social engagement and expression?

Collapse departs from not-knowing, inviting those who are not so sure with the aim to create a content assemblage, that is reflective of our shared curiosities.

Collapse is based on several theories that deal with the relationship between collective thinking and bodily experience.
The author Ursula LeGuin describes thinking as a speculative practice to test complexities, contradictions and differences. Lauren Fournier, the curator and artist, proposes “autotheory”, a practice that investigates how theory moves in- and through the body shaping its biography. Also in Armen Avanessians work Metanoia we find concepts that describe how new thoughts can create a before and after for the recipient.  The neurobiology of recent years shows how the feeling of enthusiasm and curiosity is intrinsically linked to collective learning and thinking processes. Shared processes of learning and exchange have even the potential to rewrite the plasticity of the brain as Gerald Hueter describes. Curiosity and enthusiasm used in learning and play are additionally among the impulses that not only evoke hormones related to feelings of happiness and joy but also lead to psychological resilience. 

Here in this fragile space Collapse aims to start the conversations and act as a platform for discursive practices of figuring it out.

The project takes place at NOGOODS and will start in April 2022 with a series of lecture screenings, conversations, process-exhibitions, workshops – to be announced soon.