A speculative manual.

This performative lecture is a confrontation with the emotional implications of a vanishing future within the logic of the economy of constant productivity. It is an abstract, spatial and personal reading of the ALMOST — a space created around the potential Point of Success and FAILURE.

ALMOST is the space one crosses when transiting to Success. Stopping along the way — at any point for a specific amount of time — is considered FAILURE. FAILURE, the ALMOST and the Point of Success are tangible imaginaries of Daydreams, which have been validated by socio-cultural narratives. They are a recollection of thoughts, of imaginations that lead to action. Imagination augments the value of reality. Imagination leads to action. 
The ALMOST and FAILURE can be understood as territorial spaces of transit, whose impact and reality are based on the immaterial constructions of Daydreams and thoughts. 
It is in the speculative fictions of Success, that FAILURE arises. The ALMOST as inhabitable space reclaims the underlying radical and political aspects of Daydreams as performative practice.



2020 Part of the Pandemi Spesial / Freedom of Though project by BIT Teatergarasjen.
Full Text – HERE

2020 SpeakersSpeakers edition Nr. 4 Failure.

2020 ALMOST – The Art of (G)Hosting, Performance Biennale Bregenz.