Notations 43.8

Project in collaboration with Elfi Madeleine Carle.
Notations 43,8 investigates the cartographic notations of confinement and presents diverse manifestations that express, document and investigate a multitude of personal living experiences under spatial limitation and restricted movement.


Participate by submit the following notations:

1. Notation of Quarantine 
A notation, visualization or cartography of indoor isolation. Can be a ground plan of your quarantine space drawn in movement; can be drawn schemes of absence/presence; can be a piece of music notation that reacts to your current quarantine surroundings. 

2. Notation of Perception
A notation of any textual, visual, auditive representation of your current perception of your direct or larger surroundings. Can be in writing, photography, video or other mediums. 

3. Name, Date, Location

Project description accessible online in: Arabic, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian and Spanish.

Whether the living space is domestic or institutional, whether inhabited alone or collectively: at present, we are globally thrown into a limited space and, with that, to ourselves. We are confronted with restrictive and/or protective national, institutional and domestic limitations, along with a changing perception of time and economic security.
The global pandemic leaves the society with an emerging anachronistic trauma of fragility, mortality and suspension of time. While the effect of this shock will rifle through the socio-cultural memory, it also creates an immense vacuum. An expected future vanishes while temporarily suspending the present.
Our need to reimagine the present in order to create different speculative narratives for the futures is now confronted by restrictions and economic insecurities. As transcultural collective, we urgently need a radical interaction with the present in order to shed light on the emerging redefinition of a space, that slowly merges the division of public, private and virtual into one. 
Looking past the bifurcation of the current crisis, Notations 43.8 focuses on the intricate changes that infiltrate our routines and interactions in suspended time and restricted space. We want to investigate the narratives that deviate from these processes and lead to new forms of communication and perception of space. 

@notationsproject the project platform was launched on April 1st 2020 in collaboration with Elfi Madeleine Carle.