“…un espacio otro, un lugar real en el que se yuxtaponen diferentes espacios incompatibles…” 
Paul B. Preciado

Collage by @77romeoromeo77

Pornotopía is a performative investigation and artstic collaboration with Kharlos Villanueva and Andrés Murúa Trincado: The Pornotopía Collective.


PORNOTOPÍA takes as a vertebra the pharmacopornographic theory of Preciado, understood as a political regime of the production of the body and its subjectivity.

Our investigation focuses on the creation of collective spaces in which to explore the body and the development and/or the mutability of bodies, through the fragmentation and dissociation of the body itself and the dissolution of the subject towards a transubjective proposal.
The work passes through constructs of identification and of genderization models leading towards the idea of des-identification through modifications with various materials.

We understand a pornotopía as “another space, a real place where different incompatible spaces are juxtaposed that allow us to establish singular relationships between space, sexuality, pleasure and technology, altering sexual or gender conventions as a derivative of their spatial operations.”
Paul B. Precious.

We furthermore investigate the process of des-identification from the socio-cultural narratives around the body itself and the new perspectives arising from a different understanding around body and space.


For us, performance is a radical event that occurs in the body, in the individual and as a collectively. We understand the scene as intrinsically political and relentlessly bet on its transformative potential affecting most intimate as well as most structural forms.

As collective PORNOTOPÍA works on the materialisation of space – body – installations that propose other relationship dynamics between the bodies with a space where different incompatible realities are juxtaposed.
As performers we focus on the disarticulation of our body and of our space. This process necessarily integrates the public call to rethink the ways of inhabiting space and to identify how space builds bodies and how bodies simultaneously modify space. Crossing the limits of the body we question the hegemonic constructions by disturbing the usual logics and opening other possibilities in terms of: body modification, gender expression, sexuality, eroticism, contact… 


Pornotopía Performance Video
Documentation by Nayara Leite



Pornotopia Collective is born in October 2018 by Danja Burchard and Kharlos Villanueva, who jointly embarque a theoretical research process on the gender theory proposed by Paul B. Preciado, leading to a scenic proposal. Andrés Murúa Trincado compliments the team in March 2019, as visual artist and community manager of the project. 


2020 Pornotopía – Performance at USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway.
2020 Cuerpo Pornotopico Workshop with the Pornotopía Collective in collaboration with the Danssenter Bergen.
2019 La Vaca – Performance at Cabaret Internet, El Pulmanejo, Barcelona.

Artistic Residencies: 
Centre Civic de Besós, Barcelona, December 2019
Centre Civic de Barceloneta, Barcelona, December 2019
AIR en USF Verftet Bergen, Norway, January – February 2020
supported by the Mobility Funding for emerging artists of AC/E Acción Cultural España

Production Programs: 
Tantagora 4 – REL – Program for cultural production, Barcelona, January – March 2019
with a Mentorship by:
La Caldera – Centre de Creació de Dansa, Barcelona
Ainoa Castells – digital communication professional, Barcelona